Founder & Director

First, I would like to give thanks to the most high because without the most high nothing is possible. I would also like to thank my mother, father, every family member and friend that has stayed by my side through thick and thin. I wouldn’t have made it this far in life if it were not for them. Finally, I would like to say that I am proud of who I am and where I am going in life and it is my goal to give and pass on the same love and support that I have received my entire life and to be an inspiration to all that I come across in life. Tap is my life and without it I could not exist. I can’t imagine where I would be in life if there was no such thing as (TAP). It is the tempo that I live by.

And with that said, I am going to start the rest of this with a phrase that all tap dancers know and love because without it we can’t start. 5…6…7…8… Sean started dancing at the age of 3 at the Roxbury Center For The Performing Arts. Growing up at this dance school was the best thing that ever happen to him.

When he was ten years old he performed in his first professional show the “Jazz Tap Hip Hop Festival” with a company called “Dance Umbrella” run by Jeremy Alliger. That was the moment when he realized that tap was he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

When he turned 18 he auditioned for a broadway show called ” Bringin Da Noise Bringin Da Funk”. At the time the show had already won 4 tony awards and he happen to be one of the dancers chosen to audition for the national touring company.

In 1997 Sean participated in a program called “Funk University”. After Funk U he stayed in NY. During that year Sean was featured in a video for Missy Elliot called “The Rain”.

Later that year he was picked for the national tour of “Noise Funk”. Sean started the tour as an understudy then worked his way into the lead role. During the tour Sean performed for: Hillary Clinton, Jay Leno, Sin bad, CNN World News and many more TV shows. After the tour ended he was featured on another tour with Debbie Allen and Dick Clark with the American Heart Association.

Sean has been featured on channel 5 Chronicle, WBUR with Andrea Shea,To The Pointe with Devin Hill. Has been featured in news papers such as. The Boston Herald, The Boston Metro, The Phoenix, The Washington Time, Broadside Style. Sean has performed in the 2007-2008 presentation of the “Bean Town Tap Festival” and the “Urban Nutcracker”.

Sean recently started a Boston based dance company called “Boston Tap Company” (BTC) in October 2007. Boston Tap Company since then has performed at MASS MOCA – Dianne Walker and Friends, Jacob’s Pillow – Inside/Out Summer Series, Rhythm In The Night 1 & 2 (Choreographed by Sean Fielder), The New England Urban Music Awards, Velocity Magazine Awards in Washington DC,World Trade Center Boston – Boston Medical Center’s Halloween Town, Hibernian Hall – Act Roxbury Festival of Dance, The South End House,East Coast Hip-Hop Throw Down, BeanTown Tap Festival 08, Regent Theatre – Tapestry 07-08, Hyde Park Arts Scene, Out of Africa Performance, DC Tap Festival – Youth Showcase, NY City Tap Festival – Tap Youth Future Concert, Topsfield Fair, UMASS Boston – National Elder Expo, Pink Gala Benefit for Breast Cancer and many more.

“Dancing has been a part of my life since I was a child and it has made me into the positive, productive and inspirational person that I am today. And that is why I believe…”The Only Way To Be Different Is To Be Yourself”